XXL German Shepherd Breeders Puppies for sale
XXL German Shepherds Breeders German Shepherd Puppies for sale
Big German Shepherd Breeders,Puppies for sale,Rottweiler puppies for sale
German Shepherd  Kennels Texas XXL Rottweiler Breeders,Puppies for sale,Texas German Shepherd Breeders Texas
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Live Oak Kennels specializes in producing excellent working AKC German Shepherds & AKC Rottweiler puppies for sale. We produce top quality XXL German Shepherds and German Rottweilers with both American & German Bloodlines.  Our German Shepherd Puppies for sale are high quaity, come with health and hip guarantees and are very affordable. Our XXL German Shepherd Puppies for sale have sweet and loving temperaments great for companion or working capabilities. We sell only top quality AKC German Shepherds & AKC Rottweiler puppies that are huge, beautiful marking, large head peices and great structure. All of our Shepherds and Rottweilers have great temperaments good for any family or working environment.

Live Oak Kennels has produced and trained one of the most famous German Shepherds seen on TV. Everyone knows the German Shepherd featured on the Walker Texas Ranger TV Show! That famous German Shepherd was trained right here at Live Oak Kennels!

We have raised and trained German Shepherd puppies for over 30 years. We also participate in the French Ring Sport. Our shepherds are used for Search and Rescue Work, Detection, and Companionship. One of our German Shepherds work as a Fort Worth Tx Police Dog (k9-Canine Unit) officer. When 9-11 hit one german shepherd that was trained here at Live Oak Kennels in search and rescue went to find victims in the rubble. Even though that dog did not return (died from inhalition of debree) he did his job finding people and saving lives! Please take a moment to see our Dog Training Facility and Working Dog Videos in action!

See our Youtube Channel full of Dog Training Videos!

We currently have German Shepherd Puppies for sale! Most of our AKC German Shepherd & Rottweiler puppies are $1000 plus shipping if needed. Our Big German Shepherd puppies for sale and XXL Rottweiler puppies for sale are affordable and produced from quality working dog bloodlines. We have perfected our german shepherd bloodlines with our 30 years of german shepherd breeders experience. Our German Shepherd Kennel & Dog Training / Dog Boarding Facility in Texas consists of 45 acres with indoor and outdoor kennel runs and a very nice training field set up with stadium lights for night training. We have over 100 Beautiful German Shepherds and German Shepherd puppies with great markings and all colors. We also have Rottweiler puppies for sale. We produce all colors of very Large German Shepherds ranging from Black and Tan, Sable, White German Shepherds and Longhair German Shepherds, Short hair German Shepherds and both long and short haired Rottweilers. You are welcome to see our XL German Shepherds & Rottweilers puppies anytime, we are open to the public!

Contact us today for the best German shepherd puppies & Rottweiler puppies for sale in Texas!


"Low-cost Adoptions Available"

AKC German Shepherd Breeders for 30+yrs - Don (rip) and Jean Samuels

Live Oak Kennels
German Shepherds & Rottweilers
114 HCR 1125
Blum, Texas 76627
Ph 254-874-5428


Email: liveoakkennels@yahoo.com

Producing Top Quality AKC German Shepherds & AKC Rottweilers for over 30 years!

Big German Shepherds,Rottweiler Breeders-Puppies for sale
TEXAS German Shepherds,Rottweiler Breeders-Puppies for sale
German Shepherds,Rottweiler Breeders-Puppies for sale
AKC German Shepherd Kennels TEXAS,Rottweiler Kennels,german shepherd puppies for sale,rottweiler puppies for sale!
German Shepherds,Rottweiler Breeders-Puppies for sale

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